How to do this:


Markdown cheatsheet

Read this to know how to make pages.


Werc website

This is the framework that the site runs. It is essentially a script that helps serve the files on this beautiful server to you in a cool & simple format. Read and learn and you can accomplish great things


Sokol src

Sokol examples

Cross-platform libraries for graphics & app programming.

What the fuck is software i'm so confused

lobsters — Link aggregator like reddit but for software! my favorite

Roman Zolotarev — A dude who wants to make OpenBSD and Unix easy to understand for the uninitiated. Very good tutorials on his site, start here if you are noob

9front — Nerds who still update a port of the Plan 9 operating system. It's honestly really cool, innovative, and centerd around sane unix-y design concepts. one of these days i'll get a plan 9 laptop. but for now a virtual machine will do

cat-v — This was Uriel's site for complaining about software. He was VERY anti-modern software and it shows. he got a lot of heat across various ircs for being stubborn and having strict life and design philosophies but at the same time nobody could really argue against him because he was somehow always fucking right. even when he wasn't

n-gate — This is a blog that makes fun of HackerNews a lot so i like it lol, even though it can be very... biting. i usually don't know enough about software to dispute any of their OR Hackernews' points but it's good to read opposing viewpoints to the trendy software systems of today

Stanley Lieber — this guy is still a mystery to me. he's not really stan lee. but he wrote a lot of werc help docs that allowed me to setup the site so props to him

Past all these... there's all kinds of weird software pages you can find just through surfing and clicking on the right things. I'll post more as they come to me.

Leet hackers can range from braingenius to no-fun-allowed, contributing to a very elitist culture. Do not let them deter you, software is for everyone. Computers are stupider than you and I.

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